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[International] South America Mexico Project

Time: 2021-12-02  /  View: 919 times

The cold wind blows away the brightness of autumn, the swaying branches signal the arrival of winter, and on the other side of the world is another scene. In November 2021, the Mexican project, which had been preparated for several months, Now it's officially launched.

United States of Mexico (Spanish: Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Mexico for short, is a federal republic in North America, bordering the United States to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, the Caribbean Sea to the southeast, Belize and Guatemala, and the Gulf of Mexico to the east. It is the fourteenth largest country in the world.

Mexico is one of the centers of ancient Indian culture. The world famous Mayan, Toltec and Aztec cultures were created by Mexican Indians. The Mayan civilization is ancient and mysterious, with a number of documented characteristics:

1. The Maya civilization was a stone civilization. They did not invent and use bronze ware, let alone iron ware.

2, master the height of the construction technology, the Maya did not use copper iron, wheels. Although the concept of wheel appears in pottery and other cultural relics, it is not practical in real life, but created a high level of urban civilization.

3, agriculture with corn as the staple food, so it is also called "corn civilization". There were no cattle, no horses, no pigs, no sheep, no traces of animal husbandry, and the farmers used a very primitive milpa farming method.

4, mathematics adopts the binary decimal system, discovered and used the concept of "zero" (one was taught by the Olmec), master a high degree of mathematics and astronomical calendar knowledge.

5. Use a unique hieroglyphic script, Maya.

This project is an automatic debugging project of valve line body, which is a typical business of non-standard automation project of the company. Including Eplan design, software off-line design, PLC debugging and robot debugging.

At present, the tide of global economic integration is becoming more and more obvious, and the international development trend of Chinese enterprises is irreversible. In recent years, we have been following the important strategy of internationalization and globalization, and strive to create a group of experienced and strong excellent team, and the international development can make our footsteps all over the world.