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Shanghai Hanm Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Hanm Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 2009, is mainly engaged in automotive and parts industrial automation engineering project contracting, subcontracting business and automation equipment sales, the current business mainly focuses on body welding, assembly, transportation and other fields.Work content involves the project management, site management, project design, planning, process design, electrical hardware/software design, simulation and virtual debugging, Numbers, twin, etc.), automation equipment research and development, integration, manufacturing and sales, equipment matching and integration, installation, PLC system, PC and Anodon system debugging,Robot off-line design and field debugging, technical service, personnel outsourcing and technical training.

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Rich experience in project management

The company have more than 150 people in management and technical, has a group of rich experience in the automotive industry, project manager, site manager, designer, PLC and robot engineers and installation management, can carry on the project scheme, control scheme, excellent project management, engineering design, commissioning, technical service, etc
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